Wyoming pictures

Hi, feel free to use and enjoy these, but give me credit please  SunshineDSC_0751DSC_0992DSC_0946DSC_0930


3 thoughts on “Wyoming pictures

  1. Forrest Fenn’s treasured revealed

    I found the location on a map

    The first one to know of it’s location on a map and so will you.
    This is the road map to find Forrest Fenns Treasure.

    Be ready to solve the clues just as I did, in order.
    Get your poem, maps, paper and pencil ready, for a roller coaster ride.

    I will take you to the Mountain top, with this…

    Well worth the read. If you are looking for the treasure.
    See if it can be any where else, for your self.

    There is no where else it could be……
    Go to the mountain and get it, but wait till the snow melts.


    I made a book and put it on amazon

  2. click on the link it takes yo here Looking for something?
    We’re sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site

    Go to Amazon.com’s Home Page who made a book I saw a crazy guy saying he found Fenn’s treasure and he is selling a book he made on amazon so I thought I would see if this was that same silly rabbit or just who this guy or gal that is selling a book instead of retrieving the treasure themselves. Just a thought of Why? J B

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