When the hole is deep enough

Take a deep breath. I have been truly initiated. I just finished trip 8? I am always looking!!!!
Oh wait, relax i am Utah. Or was he joking, not in Utah? I mean cause that is a serious f on that rock, down this canyon after soaking my weary bones in this lovely warm waters end. Here is how this trip went, lessons in Fenning. I followed a certain trail to a certain point. I feel this is still so very right, I will wait to divulge more crumbs. Ok so, at this particular point, which I can say I have found Gypsy Wagons, water way up high and a heavy load up there, BESSIE, a dry creek bed that just seems so likely, omega shapes on the hill, blazes that say BOLD and a lighting bolt… Looking quickly down from the camp with another CLUE… You see a hill which low and behold is the only one with hardly anything on it and a view. Ok, so maybe this is tarry scant I think. Well, walking down you can go through super super thick and bear laden(as evidenced by fresh poo, not of the elk, rabbit, coyote, deer, snake or whatnot poo… But yes pretty fresh, not steaming, but fresh bear poo). So, let me tell you about my hunting partner this trip,Miss Shelby Sky. She has been infected but the thrill and I am pleased to say is a great partner in Fenning. She happily tagged along(splitting a treasure and adventure being all the bait I needed) content and prepared, and only batted one eye at the poo.She brought great music and an infectiously positive vibe. Not even bush-whacking in the very poky sage( woody…) deterred this young woman. We followed the clues, found the perfect, of course perfect line-up. We walked to the ridge, I believed the poem pointed to. Along this ridge, I about fell in a small grave like( i say like as cause, i would under no circumstance dig a marked grave, unless who was in it told me to… hahahah)depression lined with lighter and different rocks. So taking a minute to work through the clues again, then looking at the spot and each other, at the same moment, we decided this was the spot! It was chest size…It was the most perfect place I had seen in all of looping through thousands of miles. Almost everything from the books chapters, I found around there. It felt like a place he would go see, based on what I have learned. I would go see it! Heck, I did 2x! Ok start digging. Wow, this was hard ground, and lots of rocks. Hours later, as the sun was going down, we realized we had to walk by the only water near there to get out, we better get out before the nightly hydration began, and while we could see. That sage brush sure was woody, I have many cuts to prove it. It felt brave walking in there!!!!! Better wait til morning. Besides, Mr. Fenn has plainly let us know he likes digging holes. As I was diggin and digging and diggin more, I thought he really liked holes…. Cause it sure was not there yet… We returned in the morning to finish it up, get the treasure it and go. We had stuck some branches and sage over hole, as any trained eye would see it. The doubt about it all settled in, but I figured a good night of sleep and some food would restore my energy and a positive belief in myself and the chest at all. Well, it was not a restful night, as my treAsure hunting gypsy friend was quiet in the day, the logs went wild at night. I had things to think about anyway, so got up to watch the stars and ruminate. I began to Fenn the clues… Gets me to here to Wyoming… Low and behold, look here, this tree sAys. BOLD… Here is a lighting bolt… ( crud someone has dug here… This is HoT)…. Wait, I took a picture of a horseshoe In a tree, THERE WERE 2…..). 3 am and I have the double omega so
NOTTTTT it’s Horseshoesssssssss. It is it it it is it it’s……..it….. To get to the hole…worked perfectly as well… Wait… I need to go back…. Be right back with da box ya’ll. no seriously. We dug that thing about to our necks, getting bruised and bloody…thinking man, no wonder you needed a sandwich… Phew. He likes digging though remember, below 3 ft… Ok keeeeeeppp digging, it is there… Ok lunch… It is there right? Surely, where else is it, but in that hole? This hole, incidentally must have been a joke or someone dug so far it is ridicules, there was no chest, no bones( we were careful just in case, checked each layer for stuff before disturbing). So, I am in the hole,looking out thinking yeah, you could stand in here pretty much. Look out and over, shoot yourself or whatever, and probably not be found? I thought in a moment of self pity, maybe it will be mine, if I do not get well, but I am getting well… I am healthy. I am strong… Verbalize… Survive… It was perfect, but at a certain point, when the thing is caving in, your 4 feet in it, with your neck barely sticking out… IT AIN’T IN THERE?.? Go home. Get some sleep… HAve your Fenning, and it has to be there for a 3 am meteor shower, at least! … Home with bloody knuckles, a memory of views to fill a treasure box with and a new real friend. How good does it get? Oh, I did have icing… I was awakened by snores to prop my eyes open long enough to see a shooting star and to feel as I breathed in and out, the universe was too, and this floaty, peaceful at one and in LOVE with it all was the most stilling sound I have ever felt. Until I go back and dig it out… How deep is too deep?













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