Take it away

Greetings fellow adventure hounds. I ask that we all act as representatives of this Earth, and steward the land. Please do not leave graffiti. Take a trash bag and haul out some trash that follows people. Who knows, if you keep it for a hundred years, it will be valuable. Let us tell the future that we care about the Earth, and do not poison, trash or abuse this land.Please do not disrupt Sacred ground, let only your footsteps remain. Remember, money does not buy happiness and we depend on the simple things we so abuse. Air, water, food and shelter. I fear that unless we make drastic changes and are willing to clean up things that do not belong to us, even, we will remain spinning in this cycle of blame and abuse. Have you walked by trash lately? Please pick it up and do remember even throwing it”away” means it is still there. RRR… Reduce reuse recycle


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