The Chroma by Ansley Ray

I received my first royalty payment recently! What a thrill. It was not much, but it is a start. Please help me by reading and sharing “The Chroma.” Forrest has read it and loves it. Thanks, Ansley



It has been awhile since I have been active on here. I also have not actively searched in way too long. This does not mean I have not thought of the treasure often. I have an idea and plan on going as soon as the funds are available and life slows down enough. Off grid life might be slower, but it takes time! I have had an increase in traffic and even met a hunter lately, so I thought I better put an update. I am doing great. I do not live in Hot springs anymore, but still will meet up. Let me know a good week ahead of time though as I am hardly online, as one hunter found out, I need to know you are serious about meeting! I live near Idaho, off 200. I hope you all are enjoying your searches. Oh, I will not join up, unless you can fund or actively participate yourself. I am happy to go hunting together, but have my own idea where it is, and am convinced. I have driven over ten thousand miles and covered most of the territory it could be in. I have gotten very sidetracked, often. My next hunt is different. It might not be necessary as according to the person I just met, whom I must keep secret, as he asked me to be hush hush, he has found it. Good luck! No offense, really, but I will believe it when I see it in person. So, happy day all. It is time to eat and finish my online musings. Be well, and happy hunting!


I found a treasure today! At our community center, on the free porch, lo and behold I spied a pristine copy of “The Thrill” waiting to go to a new home. Since mine is written in and tattered, I was pleased to find this. It is inspiring to get off the couch and get looking again. I have been thinking very hard and know exactly where I am looking next time I get the cash to go hunting. My new copy will go in a safe place and I will keep my old copy for a working book. Thanks Forrest for the adventure and fun. It is always thrilling.

A tidbit from “The Chroma”

Rain was getting in the way.

It had been carefully planned and executed, how to enslave the Light Beings.
“We be they slaves, yes we be, boy.” Rain roughed the dog’s fur.
Secrets lying deeply buried, only symbols remain. 
Symbols many find themselves studying, realizing this trap, humans walked into, was not too late to see.
“Everywhere you go, boy, they watch you.”
An ever seeing eye stared at you, symbols meant to distract and scramble the collective consciousness apart. 
Cameras were on every corner, satellites, data mining, monitoring, spying, watching every move.
Easy to fix, hard to get there.
As soon as one breath was taken together in Love, humans could be rid of the forces, getting the fog to lift long enough for this pause in time to happen, nearly impossible.
A quick pause in time.
Time out.
Labels, divisions, languages, colors, sexes, teams, countries, clothing, styles, ways to identify our mind disease controlled the vast majority of collective hearts. 
Words were used to confuse.
Rewritten, played with to manipulate.
Words weapons, carrying a vibration.
Playing a tune to control brain waves.
Language, music to soothe or bang around clanging with echoes of pain. Powerful magic, easy to use to control massive amounts of people.
The Bible had been edited to be convenient, using the kind and open hearted gullibility and propensity for wrong choices and lessons, as a tool to control and bring darkness. 
The very righteous usually were the first to slam the door on the beggar or whore, thereby ignoring the simple teachings of Christ.
They had killed him for his message.
Love one another, God is within, so when you love each other, you are loving God.
Anything else is the same.
People kept sinning on the free will planet.
The message was blocked.
People were on the wrong road, blindly walking into a trap set. 
The gold was mounded high in caverns and in the treasuries.
Brokers had been placed everywhere to collect the precious metal. 
It was about to be vacuumed up, stolen.
Humans had mined it, greedily piling it,listening to the rampant lies designed to keep the truth hidden from our hearts. 
Now, it was about to be taken, forever.
She could not live without it.
The old quest.
The unrest grew.
War, famine, drought, wildfires, floods, darkness and strife winning.
“Dasher, dear friend, we have to get people to see in the mirror, before it is too late.”
Rain interrupted her musings to check in with the overly large black and white dog who found her in Salt Lake.

Introducing new hunters to the Thrill

I love telling people about the chase. The adamant prostrations that they have it figured out, already, is always fun. “Ok” I say.
“Where is the blaze, much less what is it?”
“Maybe it is…”
FF said whoever finds it will go right to it, no questions.
A fifth read of “The Thrill” has left me pondering a place I have already been by, several times, in fact. I think it might be worth looking in a different way. I will be needing some gear, as to not get too cold.
Enjoying seeing new places for now, while on the road keeps me thrilled enough, but the chase always called. Well, at least until I find. Grin!