New Mexico

Taos: fly fish store: information obtained
Manby..water high :bladder?  The gentleman who stopped to ask if I was ok, got the stammered’ oh, too much coffee.’ As I reach the trailhead, I cannot help to have some excitement. I know others, just like me have passed through. My main focus, is just to soak and see what the fuss was. I saw many a signature upon to rocks as I descended, both old and new. Where do we draw the line between art and graffiti? Trash and treasure? i lugged out the former…Since I had no light that dawned as to why or where it could lie within 500 ft. and Be missed here? After a lovely, yet short soak in the anticipated blue spring, I figured I better head out. On the way out, ‘wouldn’t ya know’, the Fenning began. Well, look at that tree, it is neat, is there a little f on it? What about this dry creek bed, it could be the nigh, this is left, but where is the blaze!? Oh across the canyon, look at that rock with the white rocks balanced on top? I could go back down, cross the COLD river… Wait, would Forrest go all the way over there? Sure! with a heavy chest, oh sigh ‘probably not’. Now I am feeling the discouragement, laughter and resign. Onward it was. This area has been so combed over, I was actually hoping to see some searchers. I went early though, as braving the heat, is not a mirror of cold I care for much. So, now where to? I stopped at the glorious gorge and bought a lovely, hand crafted feather, made out of local Wood. I thought it might help! I’m in the Wood now! Hehe so, to Ojo Caliente. I stopped in a store, and somehow got invited to go check out the most amazing land I believe I have ever walked on, the Power vibrated. I took no pictures,  but a piece of trash. If this was to have been the Blaze..this Medicine Wheel upon a sparkly land, I would have left the treasure lying there. I have never seen such bejeweled Earth. It literally sparkled with mica and quartz. This was a very powerful sculpture, which had the feel of a small Medicine Wheel. I would Instinct told me to stay on the edge. I felt puny and uneducated about my behavior I needed to have. I wished to explore more here, but the dogs were hot, and I was timid to offend any Spirits or invisible Taboos…this was an amazing place. It is private property that a store owner happened to invite me to go see. Back to the maps and decisions. I was again somehow close to Santa Fe, this was annoying to me for some reason and I began the discouragement train, which goes into a deep anxiety, if I let it. Remember, this is fun, right? Well, I have begun to think of the quest as something deeper,so, I admit, finding it, is the plan,there are not other choices. For as much history as I am digging in,’shoot I am going to find somebody’s cache!’ Oh yes, two homes of Brown, the literal San Juan Pueblo( which is kinda low for below) and the Monastery, 13 miles back a beautiful canyon. I am hunkered down
in Dupri, hearing the distant thunder rumble, wondering if it is gonna keep raining? ‘How do I turn the rain necklace off?’ Well, it is still needed, so my minor discomfort is fine. I am going to see if there is a Rainbow yet…maybe then I can find that confounded box. I will lay my head at the Rio Champa campground tonight and apparently listen to shrieking children and a blasting ghetto box. Though, they seem to be polite on the honey boo boo scale and already have turned it off, or perhaps the generator is out of gas. If you see me out there, I am simple and pretty quiet.Perhaps I am biased, but when in the woods, I prefer silence.

















28 thoughts on “New Mexico

  1. To answer my own question, yes. Searched Las Tablas all July myself. I still think this is the spot. Try googling Las Tablas Golden Frog. Then look at the photos of the chest on a wooden “plank or table” (tablas). Yes, I still think its there, just gotta’ know the ledge.

    • Well its been 6 months since my July Quest , but tried my luck in February and got stuck in the Land of Entrapment for a month….the 3rd time in a year. I’m not known on this blog as well as on Dals. So here is a little ditty for you I am sure it is in New Mexico, more so , between Tres Peirdas and Oho Caliente – Petaca. Home of Brown, no paddle, heavy loads……..Forrest is talking “P” talk…..P talker=PETACA
      I can tell you where to “BEGIN” by counting words. NOT FAR, = 2 words. A-(B)
      BUT TO FAR TO WALK= 5 words, A-B-C-D-(E) PUT IN BELOW THE HOME OF BROWN = 7 words A-B-C-D-E-F-(G)………….and so on to spell BEGIN. i.m.o. this is where you BEGIN. You are left with 1 sentence: JUST HEAVY LOADS AND WATER HIGH. By adding this sentence to the next verse, (ADD-just HEAVY LOADS AND WATER HIGH , you get 36 words. Next verse =32. Next =29 . This is where you BEGIN. 36 X 32 X 29 degrees. Counting words gets you 106 degrees longitude. Forrest has said, “If you don’t know where to start, you might as well stay home and play Canasta”…..which is a anagram of TANKS A …..Google earth ( Petaca Tank A). It is nearly exactly the same coordinate. WHERE WARM WATERS HAULED = SEPTIC.
      TAKE IT IN THE CANYON DOWN= DUE W. X N. (due West x North) This take you UP the Rio Tusas from OHO CALIENTE…Anyone wondering about the OLIVE comments ?? The general store at OHO is “OLIVERS”. Now, What is the BLAZE? You will need a UV (BLACKLIGHT) TO SEE IT, and be WISE, by looking at night. Look for the PHOSPHORESCENT rocks that are in the area. Well kids, I hope this gets you all a little caught up on how this game is played. Why am I telling my 2+ years of research to you ? Its just a tease as to what is in MY book I’ve written.
      Its like this…CATTLE GUARD = (Cee)attle Guard…SEATTLE GUARD. Could Forrest be talking DOWNTOWN FREDDY BROWN from the champion 79′ Sonics? He was a GUARD and Seattle was HOME. Put in below the home of Brown. South of Seattle? That one is on the back burner, as the REAL home of Brown is the one of a kind BROWN ADOBE indigenous to the area. Happy Hunting Yall…..See you on the Basque !!!

      • Oh…..NO PADDLE UP YOUR CREEK? = NO ORE UP YOUR CREEK. In other words, when you hit the “POST MARK” on the metal irrigation pipe, …..POST meaning “the end”, you turn in and climb up the hill.
        Hey, if anyone thinks I know the solve…”and I do”….(it was frozen solid in a block of ice last month)…..let me know. I’m happy to have a little company (and security) tagging along on my next trip in June.

  2. Ojo is a quirky little tourist trap , I loved the little guy in the lobby holding up a ping pong paddle that read, ” Please whisper, Ojo is a spiritual place”……Give me a break. Look at the trash dump acouple miles upstream. I saw no respect for the land. Did you know they practiced cannabilism ?
    wHERE wARM wATERS halt. Ya, that ones out there, you got me. But the truly AWESOME Hot Springs are at the John Dunn Bridge, Arroyo Hondo . Don’t forget to fill your growler with “Three Peaks IPA ” from the Taos Mesa Brewery. Yumm.

  3. Hint of Riches new and old= Richard Nixon………WATER GATE …..and
    Richard Dreyfuss…..CLOSE ENCOUNTERS ” People, those numbers are coordinates”.

    • Your Quest To Cease = 2 C’s… A PAIR A’ CHUTES. There is a chute coming out of my spot I believe the chest is at. In the book TTOTC, Forrest portrays BILLY THE KID and HOP ALONG CASSIDY playing a ( SHOOT OUT). The CHUTE ” Y’s” into 2 CHUTES (So. “South” Y is it )..= A pair a’ chutes…Forrest was shot down twice.
      Thats your clue of the day kids!

  4. Since there is a whole slough of you out there saying ,” Wow, this guy has it down”…thats Due W.x N.
    I will continue to explain. OK elLihsun 13 and Desertphile , you are my audience. Every photo of the chest has it sitting on a plank table. Las Tablas means “Table or Plank”. Has anyone noticed how many words Forrest misspells in TTOTC? One such is referring to a BABY RUTH candy bar as a BABE RUTH.
    The movie with John Goodman paints up “the Babes” LAST AT BAT, which is a anagram for LAS TABLAS. And what do baseball players use for grip? PINE TAR. “Just tarry scant….” The reason I find this important is last February when I threw caution to the wind and was sure of the spot ,”the same spot I still believe it is at, it was just a frozen block of gravel 2 months ago”… I had been telling Forrest, “via direct e-mail” of my theory on the UV light. I was (and I am) SURE the spot would glow. As I crawled up into the PILINGS and TIMBERS, “they are collapsed and have no structural integrity so they are NOT a STRUCTURE”…….it was dark and my UV light lit up every knot hole. The “pitch” ….(the BABE was a pitcher)….glowed like a hundred eyes looking at me. I was devastated. I caught the Blue Bus from Ojo and headed to Espanolia to e-mail Forrest from the library.
    Its all eyes I told Forrest. ALL LIES. I went back to my spot the next day with my copy of TTOTC. As I looked at the rusty chute, I turned to the Billy the Kid page. AH HA!!! THE SHOOT OUT…..Again,it “Y’s” into 2 chutes….A PAIR A CHUTES. So (South) Why (Y) IS IT. Again…. THE END OF HIS RAINBOW???
    He is talking about a RAINBOW TROUT. Whats at the end of a trout? A) Tail . You figure that one out, Hint: “Its Solenmens Mineds” “Well knit wit” It is ALL a play on words.
    I answered the “Faces in the shower” blog = Resident Eyes In Shower/ President Eisenhower.
    “The Fuse Bomb “blog = The “F” bomb ….SE being “C”.. i.e. Cattle/Seattle
    “Where did I catch the 18 lb. Rainbow? = In the mouth
    And you might have noticed I have more personality than any word North of Santa Fe. That is why I’m telling you, 126 was all about me. Yes, that sounds vane as hell….but “bear with me”. The Bear? He is Spanish and OSO close! And he was added the day after I e-mailed Forrest he caught the Rainbow in the mouth. “if anyone can answer that, I’ll tell them a secret I haven’t told anyone ever”…..He did, in cryptic Fenn fashion. I’m oh so close.

    .POST MARKS : Located on the irrigation pipes below the home of Brown adobe and rock , the company trademark (CONTINENTAL STEEL)that looks just like a postmark can be seen . “POST” meaning “end”, tells you there is “NO ORE “paddle” UP THE CREEK. , ….so adjust heavy loads (backpack) and water up. There is no water from here on out. Well kids, time for my medication. And I’m outta rolling papers . Damn.

      • I know…..words can’t describe what a smiley face says. Is that a Jack o’ Lantern?

      • I know, a poor excuse for a reply. I enjoyed what you had to say and have thought the area around Ojo was really very interesting. I found some of my most prized rocks from right there. I thought a place on private land looked very interesting and got permission to walk around there. On the right, past the store, I just love those rock formations!

  5. Thanks for the reply. Remember Forrest talking Olives ? The Ojo country store is “OLIVERS”
    If you go back, go up 222 towards Petaca – Las Tablas. That way, from WWWH, “Ojo”, you “take the canyon do west x north” You will know the HOB when you see it, it is obvious. Turn in there , it is actually part of highway 285. You will see the Dead End sign DRAWING NIGH.
    Remember too, Skippy and Forrest brought home food for the family. I see Forrest using 8 as
    a meaning for FED and EAT, along with ATE. …..2 FED 5 . The rock outcrops there are AMAZING. You mentioned the Mica dust looking like gold dust. I am impressed. I brought back bottles full to show and tell. Remember also, “Bring a flashlight and a Sandwich” The flashlight is both a UV and a LED…..”Your effort will be worth the CO-LED” , and a Sand Witch is a prospector device that sifts sand. I’m stuck in C attle for another month. As I have made 3 trips already in one year ( April, July and February ) and got stuck there every time, (The Land of Entrapment )…June is looking good. Yes, it is the monsoon season, but last July I camped on the rim of the Rio Grande up towards Questa and watched the lightning roll through the mesa. Super cool !! . The place draws you back again and again. Magical. Ancient. And I’ve heard something about a treasure
    t’ reasure us ! I like this site. Where is everyone?

    • Thanks for liking it! They are on Dal’s site…lol. I love your decoding. Thanks again for sharing. I am hoping to make a trip soon. I love this time of year there. The rain makes it bearable. It is way too hot for my dogs and I much later than this. I will certainly head the direction you pointed me in and share, of course!

      • That was the nicest reply I ever had. Thank You. You see as I am homeless and living in my car or tent , I treat this like a full time job and quite Frankie, it is what keeps me going. My logic is , if I am crazy enough to chase the thrill , my situation ain’t that bad.
        But today was not a good day. UNTIL I read your note. Thanks. I needed that !

      • I am so glad. When I first started looking I was close to death physically and mentally, it kept me going. I get that! The Thrill continues to fascinate me and the idea of doing a bunch of good with the treasure keeps me hopeful. I intend to build communities where people, like you, can live without the worry of life’s stressors such as rent, food and bills: just live and offer your unique set of skills in exchange for living space etc… Like many out there endeavoring to find a different way to go about life and to restore our Blessed Earth back to harmony, I am just one!

  6. Your awesome. I like your style and outlook. I love life and I ain’t dead yet . At 57 I’ve only lived a fraction of my dreams. Great tales are told from adventures and experiences , not from watching TV. THAT answer is certain. Each trip is a memory. Good or bad. Lessons are learned. And thats a fact. I too have expressed the fact that that much money ,”what….$7,000,000 now according to Back Packer Magazine”….That much would kill me. I believe that my book I have written would be enough to be better off than I am now, sitting in the school library killing time. But yes… for sure. My dream is to remain who I am. I like me. A roof would …or a wood roof would be nice (see what this has done to me) . but not much more. G’ night yall’.

    • Happy Day! Have fun researching. It is always a Thrill to be looking. I am constantly running through options. I was in the Montana/ Yellowstone camp forever, but am beginning to realize I need to work the poem from down there in NM .Tidbit. FF seems to have zero interest in Hot Springs. I have been to SF several times now. I like the Jemez scenic byway, and the area around Ojo. Taos was beautiful, Manby Hot Springs, fun to soak in… I have seen most of the area it could be, spent days distracted on some trail or another… I still think my idea in my fictional tale is good, but that would be South of SF and on private land! FF warned me NOT to go look there! Lol made me want to even more. My book is called ” the Chroma” by Ansley Ray. FF endorsed it, he likes the tale! I can’t get my head unstuck from THAT solution, so have hardly thought about other solutions. i am stubborn and imaginative.. And have a couple places up North that work well as a solve. The problem I found over and over, was finding potential solves while out looking, does not work for finding treasure, it is good for fun and seeing new places, but endlessly distracting! One tunnel I looked in FF says, ” what about the second tunnel? ” ” oh, huh…time to go back!”
      What fun, as long as you keep it that way. There are some serious treasure. Hunters out there… Most are not online. FF said the people who were closest are NOT the ones online, ar hum, posting! Lol would love a day of scrolling through the old FF emails, just to see! It sure keeps him entertained and vital. Energy, from the thoughts people are putting into this, the time, money, hopes, dreams and wishes collectively affect him. It would be over if found… The hoopla would die, quickly… Unless, yes, unless the right people find it. I want to make a movie out of ” the Chroma” that would immortalize him, as all of us who are writing about our searches and tales are doing. He is a unique individual, for sure! I can hardly wait until it is time to give a present to give it.. What a secret to hold in! Happy Day:)

    • One more thing.. Going back offline today, so have patience if you write. It might take a day or two to get back to you. I live without power, so just quickly check my online stuff, every day or so. I am so glad to connect, know that.

  7. No Power? WWWH must start at your home. I too am stubborn on my spot, but that goes with Forrest saying the person will move with confidence. BUT…..If I had a 2nd choice, it goes like this:
    The gold coins are mostly Eagles and Double Eagles . Forrest mentions Eisenhower in the book and in the “EYES IN SHOWER” blog I guessed. ( You C I Am confident in saying that cause’ that made 3 guesses I believe were correct 1) RESIDENT EYES IN SHOWER 2) The 4th of July
    FU CEE BOMB 3) The UV light. Thats when he posted the floating hat. In hockey its called a “HAT TRICK” , (three goals in a row by the same player) And I told you the Ellensburg Blue connection to it. “The Rock n’ Tomohawk Ranch”, how I “HAD STONES”= HEAD STONE, the color of his shirt, three shirt buttons “buttoned up”, Hat had “caught on”, and the twisted band= DEEP PURPLE. I told him I live in the mildew corner of the U.S……..The hats name is MILDEW. After I e-mailed him with a “I know what your saying”, AND the answer to where he caught that 18 pound rainbow= In the mouth , he added, (the very next day) , the bear in the water, that IMO is telling us that someone ,(me) is OSO close.
    Back to the subject…….1) Double Eagles = Eagle, Colorado / Eagle County 2) The Eisenhower tunnel……..and 3) Bond, Colorado What I have found is Forrest doesn’t tell in words all his government ” secrets”. “Its not who you are, its who they think you are” is a perfect example. Look at the cover of TTOTC. That is a camera on the wing of that plane. Go “UNDERCOVER”, look at the ID card with altered photo etc. It is edged with a sliver of PURPLE. I will explain that one in a moment, BE GIN. ….Gin, = British. The British spy? James Bond. And his cliche’? Bond …James Bond= Be yond James Bond.. And on the other side, RUSSIA= VODKA…..bACKWARDS= A K DOV…….The EAGLE and the DOVE. VODKA= RUSH IN’ WATER.
    OK, I don’t want to overwhelm you, but… you are the proprietor of this site, you might ask, what does the band ,”DEEP PURPLE” have to do with anything? In 1985 D.P. released a album called “PERFECT STRANGERS”. On the album were 2 songs of significance, “GYPSY KISS” and “KNOCKING AT YOUR BACK DOOR” a.k.a….”THE THRILL OF THE CHASE”…… Dal cut my post when I posted this on his site as it refers to …..well, have a listen on you tube. And of course, DEEP PURPLE would be referring to a UV Blacklight. I see Forrest using abbreviations all through the poem. Try this one: I’ve done it, (RE)tired, and now I’m we(a.k.) = ALSO KNOWN as a PUBLIC CITIZEN.. What is the GRAY VEE connection? I’m still trying to figure that one out. 1) Brown Gravy 2) Gra ve yard 3) Gra pette….and others. My thought. In Las Tablas, in the little graveyard lies GEORGIAS R. BROWN, front and center. I DON’T however believe, ” as I once did”, that this is the home of Brown. Well I’d better go……someone else might be trying to get on their computater to copy all this down….Ha!….Ive only scratched the surface! Damn Rash.
    Oh ya…..Eagle / Bond Colorado. My 2nd choice. Hope you are all following all this. It’s unlikely your going to find my location . I haven’t told you everything but it IS how came to my solution. Real quick, notice every clue has more than 1 answer, many have multiple answers. POST MARKS= where the Bob Wire rubs the posts= FOREST FENCE. Now count the Post Marks in the book….it is like 31 and a fraction= Pi. Whats that mean? I don’t know but its making me hungry ! Peace, Bill Sullivan

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