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Greetings, thank you for stopping by. I am a 40 something year old healer,artist and single parent.I grew up with a father who flew in Vietnam, and continued to fly. He also taught me to love the outdoors. He is a photographer and semi- retired MD. My mom, is a model and an artist. I have a BSN, and practiced nursing for 7 years. Have ski patrolled and done many jobs.
I have lived in many states, and in Germany. I mostly grew up near Greenville, SC, and finished high school in Montana, and stayed out west. I love riding horses, exploring, rock collecting, writing, taking photos, driving and seeing new places, I have been known to catch big fish and spend a day simply looking around outside. So far, I have covered most of the territory and really brushed up on my history. I traveled part of the Lewis and Clark journey by canoe, as a teen, and have always had a fascination with pioneer life and the trails West. It seemed natural to me, that as an adventurous woman, with so many things in common, I should go look for this. I really had nothing to lose, and gained many surprises. Just today on the trail, I saw a white fox, two golden eagles, ancient petroglyphs and such amazing and varied landscapes, I never would have taken the time to explore. The side roads and scenic tours are my favorites. I often imagine, in places, only a few people have ever passed by, and maybe it had been awhile since then! 
The chest comes in:
I was having more and more symptoms that were both physical and mental, as I began to lose hope. I was so busy tending others, and my son, I ignored my own “story, ” until, it was almost too late. Well, I saw no way out. A friend, who still searches, mostly from an armchair, introduced me to the quest. Ok, so, I have to admit, at first, I thought ” how ridicules, treasure, smeasure..I do not care for wealth.” My friend’s enthusiasm was contagious, and after feeling the box “vibing, ” I read the story. Well, now, who is this interesting man? I love to travel and getting out gave me energy anyway. I also have a real competitive side and a spirit of adventure. The more I read about FF, the more I liked him and related. My first “search,” I did not have the book, and was traveling through YNP to Bozeman. At this point, I lived in SLC and was so tired and depressed, I hardly cared. Well, guess what? It is not to say …..
I do not love our Earth anyway, but looking hard reminded me just how much I love it here.
It sparked a desire to see the sights of nature, perhaps for the last time. As I processed and looked, getting stronger with each breath of fresh air, inhaling gratitude..I decided, one, I was going to live, as God’s gift to us is in each moment of beauty. And two, I was going to be the ONE to find it. I will not bore you with my healing process, but coming back from leaving my body, at one point, is a miracle. Staying in the moment, letting the “Thrill” take me on a ride, and some powerful alternative treatments have let me have more time. I find I enjoy them more, as I do not fear walking on the other side, it is beautiful, but this is our gift..right Here..Now..the treasures of sunrises and sets, clean air and water, each flower and stone..every pebble a diamond. Well, I actively “hunt” all of the time, because I have not figured it out. I have been on several serious hunts with digging and all and have driven most of the places it could be. I am familiar with most of the territory, except Eastern WY, which has a Great big blaze we all have probably thought of. I decided I could do great good with all the resources in the chest, love the game, am excited to study it and find it. I have to be positive that
I could. I know he put it out there, I have looked in his sparkly eyes and see the secret brimming. Though there is not an attachment to anyone finding it, I have to think it might be fun. If it were me, I would be chomping… Pushing… But then, I have not lived and seen the World as FF has….







32 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello. My name is Bill and I am a FF treasure hunter…….(Hello Bill)
    I’ve been researching this thing all winter long. I am SURE I am one of the few who have figured out the 1st and second clues, the first being where to begin and after that….mmmmm, lets just say more.. I took my first trip in May and froze for over a month in the Southern Rockies. Still cold at night at 8500 feet, in the teens . The “postmarks” in the book are found on “items” where I looked. I asked Dal if he had seen “postmarks” but he’s keeping it hush hush or HE hasn’t been there. EVERYTHING from there is as the poem goes, AND IN ORDER. I couldn’t get to the “spot” as the water was to high, and the water pressure kept me at bay. Don’t bother looking for a mark on a tree. The “blaze” is only a fire road that “y”s off the primary road… “Y is it”, In fact , you can add
    “So “south” Y is it. This is true, as the turn off is south of a certain town.
    Next, if you look at the chest, you will see two guys holding up a ladder coming out of the water. It is a “fish ladder”. It is what I forgot to bring and you need it.
    Good luck everyone, If you can figure it out before July, you can beat me there, if not, look for me on the news handing Forrest back that bracelet. Peace.

  2. Don’t know if this posted earlier. I can’t access your website. I was recently passing through NW Montana and couldn’t find the hot springs you spoke of. What’s the name. Hope we can talk soon. I have some info for you. If you have access to my email, shoot me a quick note.

  3. Guess I’ll try this one more time. I have no indication that either of my last 2 posts actually posted.
    If you can see my email, shoot me a quick response. I have something for you that I know you would be very interested in.

  4. Hi: I am a 74 year old male, married 52 years, have 5 children and 10 grand children. I noticed your site has been quiet for a while. I have been armchair seeking Fenn’s treasure and I may (or maynot) have located it. I have posted on http://dalneitzel.com/ but he chooses not to list my postings. I am looking for an honest seeker to split the treasure: if I am correct I would want 40% and the bracelet while the other honest seeker for going there and getting the chest gets 60% and the chest (worth $30,000.00). We would have to draw up a formal notarized agreement. I live in New Jersey and cannot travel to New Mexico; where I believe the treasure is located. Any ideas…….

    • Well, I am convinced Montana;) I am happy to go look in NM, but currently funds for travel are, well…not available. I thank you for your offer to split it, but need a sponsor to even go look. What do you think about funding trips?

  5. BTW: The first 4 lines I believe point to the casinos of Santa Fe County.
    A hint of riches new and old.
    Old being Fenn’s treasure
    Hint, clue, hope to strike it rich at a casino…..
    Occam’s Razor helps: especially about the blaze and home of Brown.
    In order to make the poem work; it is my believe you have to pick a spot and work the poem.
    If it does not fit 100 % go on to another.
    My solution checked out at about 95%

  6. I was hoping to find someone living in Santa Fe County. I have had two heart attacks, colon surgery twice and the latest 22 days in the hospital with Legionnaires Pnemonia. That makes a total of 100 days in the hospital in the past 6 years. I have neither the strength nor funds to go to NM since I live in New Jersey. That is why I suggested a 40- 60 split.
    However: There is a canyon (not too steep)
    Not too far to walk is about 500 yards
    I know why there is no paddle up your creek
    I know where the home of Brown iis located
    I have been wise and found the blaze
    I know why I have to listen good
    And I know why you have to be brave and in the wood.
    Fenn says the poem has to be read in sequence to solve.
    That I do not believe.
    He has given so many clues; whether intentional or accidental and in one case he wish he had not said something while being interviewed.
    If you were to pick a certain area he describes where he placed the treasure.
    The place I have picked matches his description.
    Thank you for getting back to me.
    BTW Fenn has stated it is not in Montana, Wyoming or Utah.

    You have my email if you would like to discuss off line.

  7. http://www.yellowstonepark.com/forrest-fenn-hidden-treasure-hunt/
    I know he said four different states. Here are two Idaho and Utah.
    Looking for when he said the other two
    I am almost certain that he also said Montana and Wyoming.
    That would rule out Yellowstone.
    There are some write ups on the internet about things to do in New Mexico. One of the it would appear at least to me Fenn copies the same words to describe
    “In a New Mexico True Story video, Fenn said, “If I were standing where the treasure chest is, I’d see trees, I’d see mountains, I’d see animals, I’d smell the wonderful smells of pine needles or pinion nuts, sagebrush, and I know the treasure chest is wet.” Later in the interview, Fenn candidly noted, “Well, you’ve asked me a lot of questions. Most of them I’ve answered, a few of them I haven’t, but I gotta tell you, there’s one thing I told you that I wish I had not.”
    Those are Fenn’s words.
    No I have not checked your fictional tale; but I will.

  8. Sounds good to me.
    Pinyon pine is NM state tree.
    BTW I have tried to contact Josh Gates of Expedition Unknown. One of his episodes got me interested in Fenn’s Treasure.
    Still waiting to hear from him.

  9. You will have to excuse me if I do not post anymore pertaining to Fenn’s treasure without a notarized agreement on ta 40/60 split.
    Anything more would be too specific.
    It really wasn’t too hard. step out side the box. Read each line and ask yourself questions. Where warm waters halt does not; in my opinion mean they were warm and stopped.
    It could mean there never was warm water; like a primiative campground

  10. Hi, I am from the BBC World Service radio in London. I am writing as we are looking to interview you to talk about the Fenns treasure. We are really interested in talking to someone who has gone on the hunt to find this treasure to find out what it is like. We are looking to do the interview in the next few hours over the phone/Skype/FaceTime (just audio, not video needed). Please do get back to me as soon as possible so we can discuss the details of this. Thanks!

    • Sorry, I am not online very much! Please check out my book, ” The Chroma,” by Ansley Ray. I would love to talk to you. I hope I have not missed you. Cheers, Ansley

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