Forrest Comments On 2018 Search Season

Gho$t Adventures : Forrest Fenn Treasure

This is a short Q/A with Forrest, for the 2018 Search Season

This has been Copy/Pasted directily from the E-mail

(Nothing has been changed)


Dear Forrest


The 2018 search season seams to be off to a great start. I was hoping you might share a little with the Ghost Adventures Blog this year. 


do you feel searchers are progressing in the hunt? I don’t know what you nean by progressing, but there will be a lot of families heading for the Rockies this summer. 


do you feel searcherare following your safety advice? Yes, I am encouraged by what they are telling me. Safety cannot be over emphasized. 


I know searchers would be interest in knowing if you still follow any of the forums, blogs, or youtube channels? I read those things mostly when someone sends me a link. Some of them seem…

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