Another Summer

Has gone by, almost. Though I still have my spot in mind, I alas, am somewhat stuck in the daily grind of life. Much of my searching was done in an entirely different phase of my life. Though I miss the excitement. The fever that comes with finding the chest has left me. I feel for those that risked their lives and lost. Though one knows that Forrest did not risk his life, it is easy to get caught up in the thrill and take risks. There is just something about the chase that makes one lose perspective. I hope anyone out there looking can make sure to stay grounded and safe. Do not let the infectiousness sweep you into bad decisions. If you are looking for different thrills, you can always read “The Chroma, ” by me, Ansley Ray. It is a fun fictional tale about the chest and saving the world. Help me get out searching by generating some revenue from the book. Pass it on, tell your friends. Forrest has read it, and loves it. Hope you all are enjoying your day, be well, have fun and be Blessed!


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