It has been awhile since I have been active on here. I also have not actively searched in way too long. This does not mean I have not thought of the treasure often. I have an idea and plan on going as soon as the funds are available and life slows down enough. Off grid life might be slower, but it takes time! I have had an increase in traffic and even met a hunter lately, so I thought I better put an update. I am doing great. I do not live in Hot springs anymore, but still will meet up. Let me know a good week ahead of time though as I am hardly online, as one hunter found out, I need to know you are serious about meeting! I live near Idaho, off 200. I hope you all are enjoying your searches. Oh, I will not join up, unless you can fund or actively participate yourself. I am happy to go hunting together, but have my own idea where it is, and am convinced. I have driven over ten thousand miles and covered most of the territory it could be in. I have gotten very sidetracked, often. My next hunt is different. It might not be necessary as according to the person I just met, whom I must keep secret, as he asked me to be hush hush, he has found it. Good luck! No offense, really, but I will believe it when I see it in person. So, happy day all. It is time to eat and finish my online musings. Be well, and happy hunting!


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. BTW. Of all the clues you have to be there to see :
    “If you are wise and found the blaze.
    I watched at least 80 videos posted on various web sites.
    I have a frame capture program and snapped a pix of a location;
    It did not have the blaze. At another site would you believe it was at the same spot and there was the blaze. I sent the pix to Fenn and asked him if he recocognized the location. I requested just a simple yes or no. He went off on a long tangent as to why he could not help me with the photos.
    What do you think?????

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