I found a treasure today! At our community center, on the free porch, lo and behold I spied a pristine copy of “The Thrill” waiting to go to a new home. Since mine is written in and tattered, I was pleased to find this. It is inspiring to get off the couch and get looking again. I have been thinking very hard and know exactly where I am looking next time I get the cash to go hunting. My new copy will go in a safe place and I will keep my old copy for a working book. Thanks Forrest for the adventure and fun. It is always thrilling.


14 thoughts on “Treasure

  1. I see my last comment is still awaiting moderation so I guess you weren’t lying : ) Looks like you really aren’t online that much. No need to approve this one and post it. It’s only for you. A few quick points then you can email me if you’re interested. I left my address under your ‘about me’ link.
    Have you ever thought about partnering with someone? I’ve thought about it but would obviously have to be someone who’s a Christian who I can trust. And I’d prefer a woman, someone who thinks differently than me.
    You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.
    Ansley, I have it solved. I’m saying that with 100% confidence. Now, you have no reason to believe that except that I’m asking you to just trust me and have a little faith. I only wish I could sit down with you as I explain it. I’d love to see the look on your face. : )
    But there’s something I need help with. Yes, sounds strange that I have it solved but I need help. You’ll understand later.
    Hope to hear from you soon,

  2. Almost 3am. Just got back to Portland. Probably coming back through Montana in a few weeks. Don’t you have a personal email address? You are one tough lady to touch base with. : )

  3. Making my final run to Montana on Wednesday the 17th. I’d really like to meet you for lunch on the way. We need to talk. You’ll understand then.

    • Where in MT? I do not live in Hot Springs anymore… I am along highway 200 near Idaho. I have to work that day, but could meet you for lunch in Trout Creek after about 2 pm… Contact me on here about it as your email will not work right for me.

      • I could meet you in Heron, mt… Which is about 30 minutes closer from Idaho… At 3:15. Heron Depot …cannot miss it, it is the only store in Heron, which is your first town, in Montana, on highway 200( you have to turn off the main highway to get to town, cross the bridge, go over the tracks and turn left, in about a mile is town…)

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