Living the Life of Luxury

By Ansley Ray

I just returned to my 16×24 log cabin, with loft, in Montana. We have no electricity or running water and wood heat only. For one week, I was in a modern condominium with all the conveniences, even wifi. Now a person might think I am sad to return to the cabin. That I would miss running water, power, the television. I find it a relief. I have lived in the modern world before, running the rapid race, with a cellphone glued to my head. I left that world on purpose. I felt I was dying in it. I enjoy the quiet solitude of an electronic wave free home. The peace of knowing that I do not depend on the system. Now, when I first unplugged, there were the usual questions to be excepted in the modern world. Have you lost your mind? You really do not mind an outhouse? What about lights? I remind them candles and headlamps work fine. In the condominium, I could hear the noises and feel the energy of the electricity. The swoosh of the toilet was almost frightening. The energy kept me awake far past my normal sundown bedtime. When I wanted to go to bed, I tossed and turned. Though I, on these occasions, eat up the wifi, especially Facebook. Guess what? The only the thing I wrote was on one of my pages or blogs. Assignments to write a film synopsis were pushed to the side of my brain, while I studied comments about the book, ” The Chroma” by, err hum me. I spent far too much time just surfing. Though in withdrawals from instant online access, I am excited to say I am home where I have everything I need, living the life of luxury, and I might just get some writing accomplished. Plus, with internet at your fingers, it is so easy press enter or return and have words you should have edited be permanently online. I put myself on restrictions, and try and think through my words carefully before pressing send. I find a card or letter to mean more, these days.
The quiet solitude my partner and I share cannot compare to modern luxuries. I chose to live without them. I find the simplicity relaxing, the lack of waves refreshing, the luxury of sharing with nature a better rhythm for me. There are times when I miss some easy convenience, but not for long. With shelter, food, warmth and love, I have it all. I say so long to the fast and furious and embrace the slow and natural, full life’s riches.


17 thoughts on “Luxury

  1. I’m just curious, what books have you read, to help with your search? I’ve been reading Osborne Russell’s book. I had only read about a third of it, yesterday, but finished it today. A really good read! I also, ordered two other books today. Chase related, of course!

  2. Will you be updating your website, soon? Do you post daily? I’d like to hear more, about your adventures.


  3. When you have someone beside you and you love each other, to me you have everything! I’ve had it all and I have lost it all. The most precious is my partner and that just keeps getting better! Love and life to you and yours!!!

  4. When I was 2 years old I went to sleep holding my Teddy and I loved him so much and now I ask myself a question: Would my life have been very different if my Teddy had a sewn necklace with a white cross around his neck?

    • Share away:) i ran out of bright ideas awhile ago! Lol! I am aiming to go back to a few places I went through very quickly and look harder once some money arrives;)

  5. well ive been on this for five weeks drives me to drink.what i think are facts.42 pounds gold, ff said he made to trips in one afternoon from his car.avg 30 pounds a trip w water cell trail mix backpack,he didnt walk 2-3 miles tops.i say nm 80 percent.he said he will fling himself on chest with his last breath.Its near his home.or maybe in his old museum.i also like cinmon river,home of brown is indian people not trout,maybe a reservation pueblo.waters high could be tanker planes with water for the fires. bandelier monument is another focal point.warm waters halt could be a pool.Ihave so many ideas im heart says a park with in 10 miles of santafe.also the blaze i think is a trail,i used a old english translator from google to help with words.good luck,if u want more ideas let me no.thanks

    • Right on:) I finally wrote a fictional tale about the chest.. The Chroma by Ansley Ray…
      I like your ideas:) it will get you into a frenzied state that there is no point to, as he does not want it found on this lifetime..hahahaha. Endless wwe, hob etc..
      The real treasure lies within, but I still do dream of that beautiful bronze box, in my hands!

  6. I thinj its real ,the man has to much pride.he said in a interview he’d like to see a minority person find it.its out there.

    • It is definitely out there! I have looked in his eyes, it is real… Do not forget he has a small private plane, and still has his pilot’s liscense. He is adventurous, and hoped to make it a tricky find.. He has much love for places all over the possible areas the treasure can be. I drove many of those miles looking, only to find potential solves all over! 🙂 i call it getting Fenned out. I hope you get to go look:)

      • yes i would like to go look.i just dont think he took his plane.if he gets sick he cant fly to get there.he said searches have been 500 ft from it,and one person 200ft.i think when he said searchers he ment the real rescue team that saved that women who got lost.he also said he knows it has not been found.its close,maybe even on his own cousin is a professor at princeton,i got him on it.

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