Introducing Big I

A steadfast companion for box finding has arrived. Team I is on the road. Young I,unfortunately, is in school and track has begun. “Run I, run!!”
We are already well on our way, and the land has shifted in the fantastically surreal drip drop desert delicousness…
The plan is to report, yes ” yes, I studied so hard, looked so long, and went RIGHT to it…” There is no doubt. If it is not right were I am going to look, I quit…. Sorry Forrest, is true…. I will continue my questing, searching, enjoying the treasures of life, but the box can rest for the thousand planned years…
Rain, certainly found it….
“The Chroma” is in editing( well, arrrummm as soon as I get a bit of technological assistance to get it into the right format)… But has an ISBN
Let ya know, be Well, Smile Big, Happy Hunting!




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