The Adventures of Sage and Duke

Recently there have been some changes to our family. It came about in a strange way, that was traumatic indeed, but the Source ( this I use as an interchangeable term for God, Allah, Creator etc)works mysteriously.
We went on an adventure to a friend’s place, in the backwoods of Idaho. I let the dogs out, and as usual they bounded off, but they always come back. I unloaded the car, and then called the dogs. Nothing. Well, this was not too unusual, but the generator had been fired, and Sage does not like loud noises, being a Border, she is sensitive. So, I began to hunt and call, still nothing. Well, this was not in the ordinary. The sun was setting, my friend had not spent much time around there lately, and I saw a huge paw print, with just as big claw marks. My friend agreed, Cat. Not garfield. We hopped in the car, drove, hollered, did not see tracks on the road. We did not drive far enough. 
Duke had a mission and Sage was in charge of him, so she followed. 
I never would have thought he would just run and run, so stayed near the house, hoping they would come back. I walked as soon as it was light, as my friend did not allow me to walk at night, even with the big rifle. I think they were trained to wake at the slightest sound by the military or parenthood, cause despite my best efforts to leave the house, the reality of a hungry mountain lion was not cool and every time I got up to pace, so did they. So, I spent the worst night, with the hours in the middle stretching beyond the limits of allowable time, poaching into the end for me.
As soon as I could see, I tried to piece the tracks, but misread what I saw.
You see, the cat did track them, but long after they had passed. But seeing puppy dog prints surrounded by obvious predator tracks, I began to fear they had been eaten…
But both of them, no sign of a scuffle?
My friend assured me a cat grabs by the neck, quickly and goes…
I thought they were gone, but still maintained hope, kept looking and calling every vet, the pound, activating prayer chains, notifying the microchip folks etc…
Walking, calling, looking, talking to every person who drove by…
That evening, I was told they had been seen down the road. The hope fired again, they had not been eaten, at least not right there.
Another sleepless night, hoping they had found people, but realizing these people were not calling anyone, if they had.
The worst part for me, was imaging my sweet Border, Sage, having been dragged along, by Duke, and suffering in the elements, scared and cold and Hunted!
The search continued.
We drove and walked and talked, posters went up all over. We started getting information about sightings in far spread out places. So, we began to mark the trail back with scent. We called psychic friends.
Here is where intuition pays off
And how the Universe is mysterious.
The psychic was off, on the whole picture, but gave me the right clue, to listen and stop.
She said they were thirsty by water. 
We went by a creek. It appealed to me. My friend wanted to turn around, they were up, not here. But she had said by water, and it felt right to stop. Get out. Eat. Walk. Mark the road. Is what my heart said, so, I did, we stopped a few cars, and I was actually in the car grabbing something and I saw a grey Subaru approaching. I told my son to flag them down…it felt urgent
It was. They knew where the dogs were or had been that morning. 
My heart soared. We followed up a windy, steep road, to a beautiful modern rustic log home(just like the one Young I saw in his mind) 
Well. Low and behold. The dogs were there.
The reaction from the fellow was puzzling. He was not going to give them up, his kids were in love, where had we been? 15 miles up a backwoods road? Why had THEY not called? 
Well, we loaded the dogs in an emotional greeting, but it just felt wrong taking Duke. 
Ya ‘ll know it has been a bit of a rough go..and having two dogs has been taxing. I love Duke like family and just held on, and knew though, if the perfect situation came up, he could move on. Finding this, heartbreaking…re -home? Ouch?
Well, this furry angel knew where he needed to be. He walked 15 miles to get to them. He jumped at the door, licked their faces and said I am home….
They have a child who needs him. 
The look on the young boy’s face when we met to give Duke back was enough to know this is right.
They were not attached to Sage,nor was I giving her up,as she is a one family gal, and was just happy to have food and shelter, and snubbed them otherwise…lol…Dogs know where they are needed and supposed to be. She belongs with me.
See, we drove off, to think on it, but decided Creator had intervened, and this family needed Duke, and could provide a stellar existence with hundreds of acres, 4 kids who homeschool, and a family who needs him now, like we did.
I needed to discuss it with young I, to really feel it out, though, first.
Yes, this was right. Young I was so sad, but he lives with his Dad, 3 dogs and a new Sister( yey!!) and will be staying through High School, he wants some consistency. Having a gypsy for a Mom can be rough. Educational, but stressful not knowing where is next. We will do that on holidays, so he can have the best of both worlds. What a lucky, sensitive and loved guy.
He met the young man and got to witness the joy and relief on his tear stained face as Duke jumped into his arms. Duke gave us a teary and happy goodbye but did not look back.Young I knew he was doing the right thing to share Duke’s huge heart with these folks.
Letting him go hurts, but he is needed elsewhere now, and to honor that feels right…
Sage is very easy and I look forward to having more time with her now. She is so well behaved, it really will make decisions about travel and living easier and my energy more available where it is needed. 
Funny how things turn out.
I made a bargain, if we found them. I will be honoring that, I will tell you how later.
Thank you Universe for your lessons in love, life, grief, joy and all the stuff in between. 
I am behind on my story of my quest for the chest, but it is started. I better hurry, as I head out to hunt ASAP!!! And then just pile the adventure stories and pictures up on top of the ones not documented well, yet, and this gives me anxiety for some reason. As I hunt again, I will go back to the intuition thing. That necklace is vibrating a frequency I can hear… Listen close….
I learned a big lesson in intuition. Listen to it. I never would have found them without the help of higher Mind…. Thank you… Just listen ….to the sounds in between…be Well Ya’ll…


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