Quiet and Full Circle

I passed through some old stomping grounds from high school! Love the fact that I am desiring this quiet now. The quiet town where young I will spend his school year, is filled with fish and deer. The fresh air beckons the lungs to fill in deeply and sign out the stress of the city. I go to sit for a time and go ahead with a serious round of attack on the rude invaders in my body. I feel a bit left out, but do not drop your guards too much… This surprise addition to the active searchers continues… All of my stuff is in storage, I seek the quiet and cheap place near healing waters, then the treasure hunting hat goes back on:). See ya soon.












5 thoughts on “Quiet and Full Circle

  1. Renew thyself in the stillness and healing waters. Then together we will share the thrill of the chase for it will still be there.

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