Conclusion of Yellowstone trip

We had a wonderful trip. I am sure many of you are relieved to know it is without a chest we return, but alas enriched. The spot yesterday, though perfectly lined up, whose blaze of all blazes( somewhat quoted and really the best way to put this one) I found it following clues and then was astounded to find a place I had seen in blogs as a great place. I agreed. As stated before, it was too late. We returned, excited, scoping the hillside carefully, as to not waste too much time, once across. The spotting scope, I admit can be a bit wavery, but I saw something really interesting looking. So, we looked for a place to cross. My 13 year old was eager to plunge in, but I could see the water up to a fisherman’s chest, and rapids right there. Ok, we would scope below the lodge. Maybe breakfast and some minor detective work! People do cross, but it is dangerous. We looked farther down and that did not work either. Ok, floatations, but I was starting to doubt how even in low water and with two trips, a chest could be lugged over to be placed quickly down from the blazy of blazes ever. Floatations secured, scary ride over, and scouring the interesting places, wrought the afore mentioned adrenaline and a Mother’s heart hammering, no chest and a few scratches and bruises, from the brush and hillside. I think that though we might not have found it, it is an unlikely place, due to the danger of the river, the possibility of a big flood washing it all away and that we looked and looked. Feel free to brave that one, but please make sure to take a life jacket! What a nice blaze, if it is THE blaze. I like puzzles, but am a touch slow, I think. I get places, but then just don’t know what the rest means and ave gotten to the wrong spot. Sure is beautiful, and exciting any way you look at it.
We will head through Jackson again, and this time might indulge in the classic under the antlers pics. Currently we tidy ( i am directing, but have packed 98% of it myself, need to train young I to help more on trips.) at Lewis Lake, which FYI is the latest one open, into early November. I like this camp site, and have chosen it two nights and had luck , with no reservations. It seems to be quieting down in general,and the season is coming to Winter again. The chest nestled safely where it is, giving me comfort in the fact, this is one tough puzzle! I feel one more trip somewhere is in order, but I need to hit the books and try and get wise. (Har har har…) oh we did stop at Dal’s treasure cache. It was fun to find something:) we left a whistle and some stones, but seeing as I am unloading stuff, I did not take anything. Considering how full it is, I guess we should have. The entry before mine, he swears is a true story: he found the chest, but ran out of water and mosquito creek fire chased him out. Maybe it was the other fire, but they are now being downed with blessed rain, maybe he will be going back for it. I will stay tuned.
Jackson is hopping and we head home after a quick town stop. To plan the next adventure and get back to the drawing board.








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