Conversations with Dal

yes  slowing down good… this  is what I usually do… I will for sure   the Madison, gibbon, firehole… right where most historic campfire was , is a good place, I agree…. I need quiet time as my head rattles too darn much   I like the history  the present is making me angry.   Sometimes when I get like this I just need to ruminate and have my pity party and then get on with it…   I will be ok  thanks for the thoughts… even if just driving through, I will for sure make a stop at the cache     I just over did it and have too many things on plate at this moment… part of my healing involves emotional work… I should not get stressed like that( it is not about poem or treasure… this is pure delightful fun for me, even if all I bring home is an old rusty coors can… 😉  )     I lived in Montana for almost 20 yrs. I love it there, and I go through for work… 🙂    and to see my friends and family.  I am headed to Oregon, for String Cheese Incident and will enjoy looking at the trail along the way. Especially as I have read more and more stories from the travelers along the way. I am curious where Stephen Meeks made his disastrous cutoff… thanks for the conversations… I enjoy bantering about this.  I know you have thought of every possibility and angle and already been there, worked it etc… I am beginning to see why when someone first gets interested it can be funny to see the process and thought train and at times distracting, inticing and annoying to hear. Yeah, you most likely were one of the parties right there….sorry to say, but it has to be   trying to get off the dark train and back to the present moment… breathe… this is all we have, right? ONe breath at a time… this is ONE thing  I do know to be true, besides I am ridicules, if not entertaining for a second whilst your head puzzles over my train wrecked thoughts…  In HOPE for our planet one breath, one tear, one change at a time… we stand on the brink of worse disaster than prophesized… I am understanding that our history made us but our future is shaped by our choices today. Those choices impact everyone… I am kinda tired of others greed and need being swept aside under our TVS, and phones and schedules and whatnot… I wrote a song about it  ( it is not as good as I thought, the video is shaky at best, but I like the lyrics… youtube  FLY-GRP   the video titled CHAOS, not live version, but ” first video”  )   I am passionate about my platform and am about ready to do something drastic, not sure what… dramatic sigh…  enough rattling about   E This is my side of the conversation. I am a really intense person, even in electronic form. I actually think my strike upon the key is worse than just hanging out with me. I am willing to be open and raw on here with you too. You can chose to read and follow or not. This quest is a much deeper journey, that I had already embarked upon. I am learning about myself and finding many places where housekeeping is needed on multiple levels. I have been told my mind works in an unusual way, phew this is good to have confirmed, I felt sorry for everyone!  No, really I am labeled as many things… but despite my weaknesses and dark ruminations, at times, I have decided I am OK. At 41, this is news to me. I am searching for answers everywhere, on multiple planes. This quests have taken me into past lives and I have seen unusual things. The orbs and light flashes at Popo Agie were amazing. This is a deeply spiritual spot ( the SINKS) I could hear the whispers of the spirits in my ear telling me to bow down in respect for my Creator as here was were my life source was. WATER. Driving across the plains I have felt the thirst, choked on the dust, smelled the stink of travel and felt myself dying and crying… this journey takes me to some deeply painful places in our history and the story of the Land and the People… and rivets me in the disease that allowed us to let this happen and continue to let it happen.  I also can feel the wondrous glory of the Healing Waters, to drink, to soak in, the blessing of ease of living, wealth when so many have not even bread for dinner, a chance to heal this DIS ease eating at me, my family, dogs and all the many things to stay present and grateful for. Forrest has given us a MIRROR to hold unto ourselves and ask, what is it that you are doing today with your banana?


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