My first journey out

So, here it is. I am going treasure hunting. I head out with flashlight in hand, sandwich packed, and spirit of search and adventure abound. I figure I have nothing to lose. You see, I have felt like I have been dying and this is my way of trying to find a new way from the riches of old.Hello:) I just had a blast on the trail! I found treasure every single day. Thanks for reminding me to go home. The country of wild seared itself in my heart, upon my first steps lifetimes ago. I forget, in the daily competition, to go to the quiet of the heart. I found a few places that I would certainly go to die. I working on being healthy and felt myself looking through eyes that may not see that again. I sit in my home, at a huge crossroads. I returned late last night, but want to leave again. I am not sure why I thought in one trip( -a long one) that I might find the obscure chest. So many search, I saw a few! Mostly I wanted to see the road and all the sights on the way. There was part of me that, of course, hoped to find it this journey. As for me, i am working on living, i will leave out the details,Interestingly enough, or not, I do it alone, as I have not funds for standard medical care. I relate to the treasure on an interestingly deep level. I have loved the history of the West, old and new, as long as I can remember. I am a collector of stones and items. I dance to free my soul and pray to my Creator. I am most at home in Montana. My father flew as a flight surgeon at the same time and place in Vietnam. He was shot down and could have died. He taught me to be at home fishing and hunting. He paved the way for my adventurous life I live. I search for the treasure, one I really need a new start and a leg up. Another, someone who loves the Wilderness should find it. I will use most of the money to preserve the land so at risk. I will head out again. It feels to be a journey of heart and a lesson in the treasures all around. If it is out there, in the area I think, I hope I find it. I am happy to share the journey so far, and have created a page on Facebook, that I hope is ok. ” Up a Cold Creek With No Paddle.” There are pictures from my trip. Thanks for reading this though. I am long winded, mostly boring and learning more and more I know nothing and in my aloneness I find a true disquieting passion to just stay out there. Sunshine Hunter



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