Treasure by a Blaze of Blue



This is the treasure I put out where I had found a blaze that worked really well.. The blaze is blue and has a skull lying in the tree… I really thought I had found it… If you get here, you will find something. If you find this blaze, Beneath it lies this treasure. Please move it, add, subtract be document it:) I painted the box. In it lies treasure of varying value ( nothing pricey… Lol.. But valuable internally. ) it would have been great to find this. This place is an abandoned picnic ground, perfect stopping distance for lunch… It lies below the home of Brown ( major trapper beaver hunting ground ) if you followed the south pass route, it was wooded and notoriously cold, windy and dangerous. There were several dangerous places to get across the river…crossing… I went left…. nigh… There were markers, then, at a place of gathering, low and behold in a tree is an old looking, blue blaze, with a skull below it. My heart hammered, was it there? Not that
I found, but this you will. Take it and re hide it, pass it on…


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