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The Fenn Diagrams

Thanks to Ms Cain @ Business Insider for linking my blog to her article on Forrest Fenn and his hidden treasure! [Stats were booming, Forrest.]

IMG_0563 Mr. Fenn signing my TTOTC.

Snowed in? In need of a distraction?

winter camp Intrepid’s Accommodations in the Boundary Waters near Canadian Border (NOT where warm waters halt)

Try armchair treasure hunting.

TTOTC book jacket Treasure in the Rockies

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Hello readers.

Just a note to say hello. I hope your hunting is going well and that you, above all else, are having fun and being safe. In your down time, check out, “The Chroma, ” by Ansley Ray. You can find it on Amazon.


Forrest Comments On 2018 Search Season

Gho$t Adventures : Forrest Fenn Treasure

This is a short Q/A with Forrest, for the 2018 Search Season

This has been Copy/Pasted directily from the E-mail

(Nothing has been changed)


Dear Forrest


The 2018 search season seams to be off to a great start. I was hoping you might share a little with the Ghost Adventures Blog this year. 


do you feel searchers are progressing in the hunt? I don’t know what you nean by progressing, but there will be a lot of families heading for the Rockies this summer. 


do you feel searcherare following your safety advice? Yes, I am encouraged by what they are telling me. Safety cannot be over emphasized. 


I know searchers would be interest in knowing if you still follow any of the forums, blogs, or youtube channels? I read those things mostly when someone sends me a link. Some of them seem…

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Too much snow, still!

I drove by my favored location for the chest. Alas, the snow was still far too deep. It felt good to be close, though. I hope I can get back later in the year. I am wishing you all happy and safe hunting. If you need something to do, check out my fictional tale about the chest and aliens and an unlikely heroine. ” The Chroma, ” by Ansley Ray. You can find it on Amazon. Help me out, please and pass this along. Tell your friends, post about it on Facebook, write a review in a few places. I sure need the word to get out. I am fairly shy. #forrestfenn #thechromabyansleyray

Another Summer

Has gone by, almost. Though I still have my spot in mind, I alas, am somewhat stuck in the daily grind of life. Much of my searching was done in an entirely different phase of my life. Though I miss the excitement. The fever that comes with finding the chest has left me. I feel for those that risked their lives and lost. Though one knows that Forrest did not risk his life, it is easy to get caught up in the thrill and take risks. There is just something about the chase that makes one lose perspective. I hope anyone out there looking can make sure to stay grounded and safe. Do not let the infectiousness sweep you into bad decisions. If you are looking for different thrills, you can always read “The Chroma, ” by me, Ansley Ray. It is a fun fictional tale about the chest and saving the world. Help me get out searching by generating some revenue from the book. Pass it on, tell your friends. Forrest has read it, and loves it. Hope you all are enjoying your day, be well, have fun and be Blessed!