Article on Forrest Fenn in Business Insider

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The Fenn Diagrams

Thanks to Ms Cain @ Business Insider for linking my blog to her article on Forrest Fenn and his hidden treasure! [Stats were booming, Forrest.]

IMG_0563 Mr. Fenn signing my TTOTC.

Snowed in? In need of a distraction?

winter camp Intrepid’s Accommodations in the Boundary Waters near Canadian Border (NOT where warm waters halt)

Try armchair treasure hunting.

TTOTC book jacket Treasure in the Rockies

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Hello readers.

Just a note to say hello. I hope your hunting is going well and that you, above all else, are having fun and being safe. In your down time, check out, “The Chroma, ” by Ansley Ray. You can find it on Amazon.


Too much snow, still!

I drove by my favored location for the chest. Alas, the snow was still far too deep. It felt good to be close, though. I hope I can get back later in the year. I am wishing you all happy and safe hunting. If you need something to do, check out my fictional tale about the chest and aliens and an unlikely heroine. ” The Chroma, ” by Ansley Ray. You can find it on Amazon. Help me out, please and pass this along. Tell your friends, post about it on Facebook, write a review in a few places. I sure need the word to get out. I am fairly shy. #forrestfenn #thechromabyansleyray